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Hey Girlys

Posted by Becca Brent on 2013.06.05 at 23:53
Current Location: Brooklyn, New York
Current Mood: inspired
Current Music: Melanie Martinez, Crazy
Hi Girls, I am Rebecca. I cosplay and wear lolita sometimes. I am not partial to any particular style or brand. I am looking to meet more loli's and also I am a wardrobe stylist and would love to set up some shoots with some other girls to make a series about lolitas. Here is a link to my portfolio. www.rebeccalbrent.com


Christina Marie Scags
Christina Marie Scags at 2014-01-30 21:14 (UTC) (Link)

I'm a Sweet Lolita from Brooklyn

I too have been wanting to get to know other Lolitas in the NYC area and go to meet ups. I make and sell Lolita hair accessories as well.
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