New Lolita in NYC: Any meetups in the holiday season?

Hello everyone here!
I moved from SoCal to NYC three months ago for a new job and due to the hustles of moving and work, I didn't have much time to spend on the lolita hobbies. Has some friends and colleagues here but none of them seemed interested :(

Yet I have visited places like Tokyo Rebel and some cute vintage places - and finally find the community here.

I am wondering if there will be any lolita meet-ups during the holiday season? I'm down in Philadelphia during Dec.23-25, hbut other times are okay for me.

If you want to know more about me (I am toooo shy and to lazy to write about myself)'s my Twitter and IG accounts:
Twitter: jerry890101
IG: @lachesis_in_elysion

P.S. And for "ordinary clothes", my favorite brands are Liz Lisa, Milk, Snidel/Gelato Pique.

Wish you have a bestest Xmas!
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Anyone down for a meetup?!

Hello all! I'm just starting to get back into Lolita after years of being out of the community. I would really love to make friends in the Westchester/NYC area. If anyone I interested in meeting up/ knows of any open meet ups occurring soon, please let me know :]

A Quick Hello and Questions

Hi! I live in the NYC area and I've recently started to build my lolita wardrobe. I don't have many pieces but I am looking to get more. I feel that having a few meet ups would not only be fun but also educational for me and anyone else in the area who just started. I am still in school,(I'm starting high school next year!) and I would like to meet other lolitas in the area. This summer I've got some family plans, however, I'll be back close to the end of August. I was hoping we could all get together and plan some events and meets! I currently know only myself in my area that is into the fashion and I want to make new lolita friends. This is a community to make new friends that are in the NYC area, right? I hope you guys can reply and tell me if this is a good what do you think? Want to plan some events/meets?

(Or message me on Facebook)

:) Let's have a tea party!

Visit to New York


I'm from Germany and I visit New York from July 19-21. I would like to get in touch with the local lolita community and maybe someone even has time to give some information about the town (e.g. goos shopping places, etc.)? Is there even a meet-up during that time? I would appreciate if someone responses!
Thank you in advance and greetings from Germany!

Lolita Teen

Hi, I am Mary a fourteen year old teen in the city. I would love to have a lolita wardrobe and grow and learn with others. It would be really nice to have an older sister type lolita guide, please message me if you would like to befriend me and teach me more about loli fashion. :)

Hey Girlys

Hi Girls, I am Rebecca. I cosplay and wear lolita sometimes. I am not partial to any particular style or brand. I am looking to meet more loli's and also I am a wardrobe stylist and would love to set up some shoots with some other girls to make a series about lolitas. Here is a link to my portfolio.
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Lolita Interview

Hi NYC Lolitas, I am writing up a Lolita feature in my high school's Asian cultural magazine and would like to conduct an interview on someone who has a lot of knowledge on lolita. Here is an overview of some things I will be asking: your definition of lolita your own experience the lolita community in nyc upcoming events/meets advice for newcomers where to buy clothing locally and on the web If you're interested in doing the interview, please comment/message me!

New Here

I'm in New York for the semester and wanted to introduce myself to the community.I'm 16, originally from the D.C area. I've been actively in lolita for about a year and a half (has is really been that long!), but I don't wear it to school. I mostly wear classic with a touch of sweet, but I'd love to get more into gothic. I probably won't be able to make it to meet ups since my school is really strict, but I wanted to say hi anyway.