March 28th, 2012


Chilean Lolita Visiting NYC

Hi everyone!
im from Chile, and im visiting my brother in NY, and i would like to know some Lolitas in there!
i have been into Lolita for a Long time now, im not a creepy guy how likes Lolita! hahahaha! i wear it every day actually.
I have been in NY before, a long time ago, and i really love it
i will arrive the 26 of april, and i will go back to Chile the 28 of May, so i will be going for a little more than a month
i read that you guy are going to have a meetup the 1 of april, thats a shame, i would love to go !!!
well, sorry for my poor english!!
hope to meet some great Lolitas in there!
here is my facebook :
and my Tumbrl:
i dont use livejourlnal actually! i hve it to post in egl sales