July 7th, 2014

A Quick Hello and Questions

Hi! I live in the NYC area and I've recently started to build my lolita wardrobe. I don't have many pieces but I am looking to get more. I feel that having a few meet ups would not only be fun but also educational for me and anyone else in the area who just started. I am still in school,(I'm starting high school next year!) and I would like to meet other lolitas in the area. This summer I've got some family plans, however, I'll be back close to the end of August. I was hoping we could all get together and plan some events and meets! I currently know only myself in my area that is into the fashion and I want to make new lolita friends. This is a community to make new friends that are in the NYC area, right? I hope you guys can reply and tell me if this is a good idea...so what do you think? Want to plan some events/meets?

Email: mchen214@ms131.org
(Or message me on Facebook)

:) Let's have a tea party!