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1st Swap Meet of 2012 - April 21st, Central Park

First Swap Meet of 2012
April 21st
Central Park, Pilgrim Hill Area (5th Ave and 72nd St)

Hi everyone.
The swap meet last year was a total blast, and I'm sure everyone is ready to clear out their closets to make room for 2012's new pretties. So why not come and freshen up your wardrobe by swapping with the other lovely lolis of NYC?

What It Is
A swap meet for Lolita items. It doesn't have to be brand (Bodyline, taobao, and handmade are welcome) but please make sure any items you bring fall within the general Lolita Guidelines. I hope I don't need to spell that out for you.

When It Is
April 21st from 11am until 3pm. Pretty relaxed time frame, it starts when people get there and ends when everyone leaves, but try to plan within that general time frame.

Alternate/Rain Date will be the 22nd assuming it's not raining then either. If the whole weekend is a wash then it's just not meant to be.

If you can't make this one, there is probably going to be another one towards early summer, so don't fret you none.

Where It Is
Central Park, NYC, Pilgrim Hill Area

What You Should/May Want To Bring

  • Clothes you want to trade or sell.

  • Cash, and/or a cellphone with paypal app if you like.

  • Sheets/blankets/towels - basically bring something to spread your things out on - you don't want anything to get dirty, and it will give you a place to sit down if you like.

  • Sunblock/Parasol - It shouldn't be too hot but if it is sunny, you may wish you had one or the other.

  • Make sure you have a way to carry your old swag there and your new swag home.

  • Water bottle or other hydration, lunch or snacks if you plan to stay the whole time. Snacks to share if you want to be awesome (not required!)

What It Isn't
A super serious/organized meet. As of right now there are NO General Group plans for before or after. Feel free to suggest.

I've never organized a meet up of any sort so I am more than amenable to suggestions and ideas on how to make this event even better.

I picked Central Park because it got a little hairy last time at Bryant Park with the cops and I don't want to be harassed by the pigs. I've been told we will probably not have that problem in Central Park. I sort of randomly picked this area (Pilgrim Hill) because the pictures looked nice, it was near a subway stop, and I believe there are some nice patisseries/tea shops to the east a little if anyone wants to make a day of it. (I think it's equally distant from 2 different Alice's Teacup establishments, if that is what you're into.)

I'm not familiar with that area at all so if I've accidentally recommended we hold our meet in an unsavory place, please let me know, lol.

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