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As a long time lurker of the egl community, I figured I'd find a page dedicated to NYC lolitas! I'm new to both the egl style and livejournal (if you couldn't tell from my very bare page) but I hope to change that soon. I'd love to join a meetup and meet the other NYC lolitas as well c: 

Hi! ^^

Hello, I'm 18 and very new to lolita and I'm trying to gain more experience. I'd like to know how I can wear lolita for cheaper since I am not very fortunate yet (still learning to sew better as well) :c I live in Queens and I'm also wondering about meetups in NYC, since I never found any lolitas in my area.

Again, it's nice to meet you all~ ^^


I'm new to the community, and I'm from Long Island, just a little bit outside of NYC. I think it'd be lovely to make some new lolita friends as I have none of my own here! Is anybody else from Long Island? Possibly Nassau County?
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Mini-shopping trip to Tokyo Rebel!

Come and join your fellow NYC Lolitas on June 29th! for a shopping trip and a day of fun through NYC!

We will meet at Tokyo Rebel at around 1 PM and browse through the wonderful frills and bows that this city has to offer. Though we are  calling it a shopping trip, please don't feel obligated to buy anything! It's perfectly fine to come if you don't plan on buying; after all, someone who is buying may very well like to hear your opinion! At the very least, you'll get to meet wonderful new local loli friends. We're all very eager to meet you! :)

The plan: Meet at Tokyo Rebel at around 1 PM. This isn't a hard and fast law, but please try to be on time, as there's no set time for how long we will be there. After we've had our fill of frills and everyone's made their purchases, we shall browse the local area for a lovely place to have lunch and/or an early dinner, depending on the time we leave the store. What happens after our meal shall be left up to group consensus, though if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Hey everyone! I'm technically not new to the community, but I forgot I had a livejournal until like 20 minutes ago, so I haven't posted before. Anyway, I've been involved in Lolita fashion in varying degrees since freshman year of high school (I'm a junior now) and I was wondering if there were any other teenage Lolitas here. It would be nice to get to know some people who won't ask why I'm wearing a costume when I get all dressed up. :)
Ideally, sometime after the end of the school year we could even plan a meetup, since I don't really see any being planned right now. But that of course would have to be after the homework and tests let up. But I digress. For now, I'm really excited to get involved in the community and meet people who share at least this interest.
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Hello! My name is Kaley :) Right now I live in Massachusetts, but starting this fall I will be attending Hofstra University, right outside of NYC. Are there any other Lolitas attending Hofstra next year?
I can't wait to meet the rest of this community!
Nia ★ Macaron

FIT Lolitas

Hello guys! I'm Kelsey, a lolita from Florida! I've recently been accepted as a transfer student at FIT, and am very excited to be moving into the city in the fall. I was just curious if there were any more lolitas at FIT? Can't wait to join such an active community!