Chilean Lolita Visiting NYC

Hi everyone!
im from Chile, and im visiting my brother in NY, and i would like to know some Lolitas in there!
i have been into Lolita for a Long time now, im not a creepy guy how likes Lolita! hahahaha! i wear it every day actually.
I have been in NY before, a long time ago, and i really love it
i will arrive the 26 of april, and i will go back to Chile the 28 of May, so i will be going for a little more than a month
i read that you guy are going to have a meetup the 1 of april, thats a shame, i would love to go !!!
well, sorry for my poor english!!
hope to meet some great Lolitas in there!
here is my facebook :
and my Tumbrl:
i dont use livejourlnal actually! i hve it to post in egl sales
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Looking for Models for the Macabre Fair Neo-Victorian Fashion show

Looking to models for the macabre fair Neo-Victorian fashion show.
We need models to show off their own lolita and steampunk attire as well as models for fashion designers such as Kristin Costa, Veronica DeWitt, Sarah May and more.
The Macabre Fair is April 13-15 at:
Best Western Mill River Manor,
173 Sunrise Hwy.,
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
conveniently located right across the street fro the Rockville Center Train Station.

Limited amount of free passes will be given to participants for that day of the show only. Date and time of each specific show is still unknown.

Come out and join our family of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Psychics, Goth, Steampunks & more, for a wickedly good time. A weekend of music, vendors, fashion shows, panels, films, prizes & more awaits you. Spring has never smelled so good to all of the “Beautifully Strange” walks of life.

Download our 3 page application here:

Email completed forms to:

All participants for the Fashion Show MUST be 18 years of age and older. Proper identification for proof of age may be requested before participation is granted. A driver’s license or State ID will be considered proper ID if requested.
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Please join us for the Macabre Fair

Please join us for the Macabre Fair April 13-15
Tickets right now are on sale for as low as $10, but hurry prices go up at midnight on Jan. 31
In Rockville Center New York right next to the Rockville Center Train Station
Applications will be up on our website soon for the Neo-Victorian Fashion show and Lolita Fashion show
Please go to: for tickets and more information

Suggestions for Dry cleaners?

I've recently come into some delicate items,and I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a good and reasonably priced dry-cleaner in the Queens/Brooklyn area. Please and thank you~! :)

Happy Holidays, as well, to all my fellow NYC Lolitas! <3

Pure Imagination:A Winter Toyland Holiday Brunch

With exclusive toy army fashion show by “I Do Declare”!

Sun., December 18, 2011 / 1:00 PM (le) poisson rouge | 158 Bleecker Street, NYC, NY
Dress Code: Little Bo Peep, Hansel & Gretel, Mary Contrary, Jack Nimble, Toy Soldiers, Dolls, Little Boy Blue, Puss in Boots, Wind-up ballerinas, Miss Muffet, Peter Piper, Jack in the Box, Jack & Jill, Elves, Queen of Hearts - or vintage attire. 
18 +

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Coming to NYC

Hey all, im Felicia and although I don't live in New York I am planning on coming and visiting. I live in Maine, and have always wanted to spend some time in the city, especially in the winter!!  so I was wondering where would you guys suggest I go, you know the touristy stuff but also for shopping and eating etc. where do you guys like to go??
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NYCC/NYAF Lolita Swap Meet

Apologies for the short notice! I just realized that there hasn't been a formal announcement regarding the lolita swap meets this weekend at NYCC/NYAF; I hope baby_biohazard, the original host/planner, doesn't mind my posting this here! For those of you attending Comic Con on Saturday and/or Sunday, there will be two swap meets taking place.

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