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NYC Lolitas

Lolita in the Big Apple!

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Welcome to NYC Lolitas!

This is a community for- but not strictly limited to- all the lolita, kodona, dandies and aristocrats of New York City. Also welcome are neighboring area lolita (NJ, Westchester, LI, CT, etc.), lolita that plan on visiting, attending college or moving to NYC.

Our members have been featured in articles and publications such as the New York Times, style and lifestyle blogs such as Humans of New York, etc. We also regularly host panels and fashion shows at conventions like Otakon, New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con, and other cons in the surrounding areas.

If you are on Facebook, you can request to join our OFFICIAL New York Lolitas Facebook group New York Lolitas. The FB group is more active since most of our members have stopped being active on Livejournal, and is the general place for meetups, events, and other things for all the lolitas in the New York/Tri-state area.


  1. We call ourselves lolita, but it's not quite the lolita you may be thinking of. For those curious about our fashion... or wonder why we refer to ourselves as such, please refer to Hello Lace for pictures and info on this subculture.

  2. We may be NYers, but we're really not that rude. If anything, we're blunt, open, and honest. We say what we feel when we feel it, even as lolitas. However, we're still polite- in our own way. Civility and respect will be maintained in this community. In other words, be respectful, and no (ridiculous) flame wars. Also, please remember that differing opinions does not necessarily mean an attack on you. Sarcasm is welcomed. Hurtful personal attacks are not. All entries are subject to deletion, (with explanation if possible) at the mods discretion.

  3. One image at 400x400px allowed outside of a cut. All other images go under a cut. If you're not sure how to create an LJ cut, please refer to this guide.

  4. Sales post are OK. You may have one 400x400px picture outside of a lj-cut, but everything else, including description, needs to be under the cut. Also, please make your LJ-cuts descriptive! We want to know what we're clicking on!

  5. Community adverts need mod approval. You can contact amanikitty or ugly_kitties either at their journals directly, or at the info provided on their personal journal info pages.

  6. And last but not least, all rules are subject to change. As our community grows, so will we. However, we will announce any changes in the community, so you can keep up to speed.

  7. Membership is currently closed due to some malignant and frequent trolling. If you wish to become a member, simply put in a request and after a quick review, you should be in! Non-humans not allowed, obviously.

Happy posting! <3